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8792Q9Y6Q6TNFRSF11AEOF; FEO; OFE; ODFR; PDB2; TRANCERtumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 11a, NFKB activator
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FunctionThe protein encoded by this gene is a member of the TNF-receptor superfamily. This receptors can interact with various TRAF family proteins, through which this receptor induces the activation of NF-kappa B and MAPK8/JNK. This receptor and its ligand are important regulators of the interaction between T cells and dendritic cells. This receptor is also an essential mediator for osteoclast and lymph node development. Studies of the mouse counterpart suggest that this receptor directly mediates the osteoprotegerin ligand (OPGL)-induced osteoclastogenesis in osteoclast precursor cells.


Gene OntologyGO:0005515 protein binding
GO:0007267 cell-cell signaling
GO:0008284 positive regulation of cell proliferation
GO:0016021 integral to membrane
GO:0004872 receptor activity
GO:0007605 sensory perception of sound
GO:0016020 membrane
GO:0007165 signal transduction
GO:0006955 immune response

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Integrated protein interaction and pathway information

Interacting Partners (HPRD)Experiment
TRAF1in vitro;in vivo
MAP3K7IP2in vivo
TRAF6in vitro;in vivo
TRAF5in vitro
TRAF2in vitro;in vivo
TRAF3in vitro;in vivo
MAP3K7in vivo
TNFSF11in vivo
FHL2in vivo
CBLBin vivo
GAB2in vitro;in vivo
CBLin vitro;in vivo
SRCin vitro

Interacting Partners (NetPath)TRAF2 [10025951 ] TRAF6 [10075662 ]

Interacting Partner (IntAct)Interaction typeDetection method
TRAF5 physical interaction anti tag coip
TRAF6 physical interaction anti tag coip
TRAF2 physical interaction anti tag coip

Pathway (NetPath)PubMedRegulationExperiment
IL-212459040 UpregulationMicroarray

Pathway (KEGG)[Cytokine-cytokine receptor interaction]

Pathway (CGAP/BioCarta)[Bone Remodelling ]

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