Croton tiglium L.

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IngredientsAlkaloidSearch Google; Amino acidSearch Google; CortinSearch Google; Croton OilSearch Google; Crotonic acidSearch Google; GlycerideSearch Google; Oleic acidSearch Google; Palmitic acidSearch Google; RicinSearch Google; Stearic acidSearch Google; anthocyanidinSearch Google; beta-SitosterolSearch Google; cocarcinogenSearch Google; crotinSearch Google; croton resinSearch Google; crotonic acidSearch Google; crotonosideSearch Google; lectinSearch Google; phorbolSearch Google; phorbol diesterSearch Google; tiglic acidSearch Google;
Related ingredients from text mining[phorbol (3.162) (E)Literature evidences(S)STITCH: Chemical-Protein Interactions] [phorbol diester (2.000) (E)Literature evidences(S)STITCH: Chemical-Protein Interactions] [croton oil (2.000) (E)Literature evidences(S)STITCH: Chemical-Protein Interactions] [more] [Help]
Potential effects from text miningNo significant information mined from the literature (t-value>1). [more] [Help]
Putative relations between TCM effects and sources extracted from literature
seeds of Croton tigliumpotent inhibitorySearch Google Scholar15297721Search PubMed
woody part of Xanthoceras sorbifoliainhibitorySearch Google Scholar15297721Search PubMed
isoguanosineantitumorSearch Google Scholar10319142Search PubMed
croton oilinhibitorySearch Google Scholar17345311Search PubMed
marked inhibition of the (3) H-thymidine incorporationgenotoxicSearch Google Scholar17345311Search PubMed

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