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4843P35228NOS2ANOS; INOS; NOS2; HEP-NOSnitric oxide synthase 2A (inducible, hepatocytes)
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FunctionNitric oxide is a reactive free radical which acts as a biologic mediator in several processes, including neurotransmission and antimicrobial and antitumoral activities. This gene encodes a nitric oxide synthase which is expressed in liver and is inducible by a combination of lipopolysaccharide and certain cytokines. Three related pseudogenes are located within the Smith-Magenis syndrome region on chromosome 17. Alternative splicing of this gene results in two transcript variants encoding different isoforms.


Gene OntologyGO:0005516 calmodulin binding
GO:0010181 FMN binding
GO:0005829 cytosol
GO:0005506 iron ion binding
GO:0005509 calcium ion binding
GO:0042742 defense response to bacteria
GO:0006801 superoxide metabolism
GO:0004517 nitric-oxide synthase activity
GO:0050661 NADP binding
GO:0016491 oxidoreductase activity
GO:0008270 zinc ion binding
GO:0020037 heme binding
GO:0006954 inflammatory response
GO:0006118 electron transport
GO:0006809 nitric oxide biosynthesis
GO:0050660 FAD binding

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Integrated protein interaction and pathway information

Interacting Partners (HPRD)Experiment
ACTBin vitro
NOS2Ain vitro;in vivo
RAC1in vitro;yeast 2-hybrid
ACTN4in vitro
SLC9A3R1in vitro;in vivo
CAV1in vitro
RAC2in vitro;in vivo;yeast 2-hybrid
SRCin vitro

Pathway (NetPath)PubMedRegulationExperiment
IL-115950496 UpregulationMicroarray
IL-212459040 UpregulationMicroarray
IL-47523136 DownregulationNon-Microarray

Pathway (KEGG)[Arginine and proline metabolism] [Calcium signaling pathway] [Long-term depression]

Pathway (CGAP/BioCarta)[NO2-dependent IL 12 Pathway in NK cells ] [Mechanism of Gene Regulation by Peroxisome Proliferators via PPARa(alpha) ]

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