Smilax sieboldii Miq.

AssociationsTCM-Gene, TCM-Disease, TCM-Gene-Disease
Ingredients1,3,5-triisopropyl benzeneSearch Google; 2,6,10,14-tetramethyl pentadecaneSearch Google; 2-hydroxy-4-methyl acetophenoneSearch Google; 2-methyl heptadecaneSearch Google; 3-cyclohexen-1-oneSearch Google; alpha-terpineolSearch Google; benzothiazoleSearch Google; beta-eudesmolSearch Google; borneolSearch Google; butanoic acidSearch Google; camphorSearch Google; capric acidSearch Google; caproic acidSearch Google; caprylic acidSearch Google; docosaneSearch Google; eicosaneSearch Google; enanthic acidSearch Google; gamma-nonalactoneSearch Google; heptadecaneSearch Google; hexadecaneSearch Google; isoborneolSearch Google; linaloolSearch Google; linoleic acidSearch Google; margaric acidSearch Google; mentholSearch Google; methyl eugenolSearch Google; myristic acidSearch Google; myristicinSearch Google; n-hexanolSearch Google; n-octanolSearch Google; naphthaleneSearch Google; nonadecaneSearch Google; octadecaneSearch Google; octadecanolSearch Google; palmitic acidSearch Google; pentadecaneSearch Google; phenanthreneSearch Google; phenolSearch Google; piperitoneSearch Google; pulegoneSearch Google; stearic acidSearch Google; tetramethylpyrazineSearch Google; thymolSearch Google; trans-anetholeSearch Google; valeric acidSearch Google;
Related ingredients from text miningNo significant information mined from the literature.[Help]
Potential effects from text miningNo information mined from the literature.
Putative relations about TCM effects extracted from literatureNo information

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