Santalum album L.

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IngredientsConiferyl aldehydeSearch Google; DeoxysantalinSearch Google; FerulaldehydeSearch Google; IsovaleraldehydeSearch Google; Santalic acidSearch Google; SantalinSearch Google; SantaloneSearch Google; SanteneSearch Google; SantenoneSearch Google; Sinapyl aldehydeSearch Google; Syringic aldehydeSearch Google; Teresantalic acidSearch Google; TeresantalolSearch Google; TricycloekasantalSearch Google; VanillinSearch Google; Volatile OilSearch Google; beta-SantaleneSearch Google; £-SantaleneSearch Google; £-SantenolSearch Google;
Related ingredients from text mining[santalol (2.236) (E)Literature evidences] [alpha-santalol (2.000) (E)Literature evidences] [ester (1.997) (E)Literature evidences] [Help]
Potential effects from text miningNo significant information mined from the literature (t-value>1). [more] [Help]
Putative relations between TCM effects and sources extracted from literature
10 Chinese medicinal herb extractsAntioxidant and antimicrobialSearch Google Scholar17612075Search PubMed
sandalwood oilchemopreventiveSearch Google Scholar9370104Search PubMed

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