Radix Glycyrrhizae

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Ingredients14-formyldihydro rutaecarpineSearch Google; EvodinSearch Google; carboxy evodiamineSearch Google; dehydroevodiamineSearch Google; dihydro rutaecarpineSearch Google; erocarpineSearch Google; evginSearch Google; evodenSearch Google; evodiamineSearch Google; evodinoneSearch Google; evodolSearch Google; goshuynic acid Search Google; goshuyuamideSearch Google; higenamineSearch Google; hydroxy evodiamineSearch Google; isoevodiamineSearch Google; limoninSearch Google; ocimeneSearch Google; rutaecarpineSearch Google; rutaevinSearch Google; rutamineSearch Google; synephrineSearch Google; wuchuyineSearch Google;
Related ingredients from text miningNo significant information mined from the literature.[Help]
Potential effects from text miningNo significant information mined from the literature.
Putative relations between TCM effects and sources extracted from literature
fruit of Ziziphus jujubamarked anti-inflammatorySearch Google Scholar2390172Search PubMed
Huangqin Tang, Radix Paeoniae alba, and Radix Glycyrrhizaemarked analgesicSearch Google Scholar2390172Search PubMed
Radix ScutellariaeAntipyreticSearch Google Scholar2390172Search PubMed

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