Pteria martensii (Dunker)

AssociationsTCM-Gene, TCM-Disease, TCM-Gene-Disease
IngredientsAlanineSearch Google; Amino acidSearch Google; Aspartic acidSearch Google; CystineSearch Google; GlutaminSearch Google; GlycineSearch Google; HistidineSearch Google; IsoleucineSearch Google; LeucineSearch Google; LysineSearch Google; MagnesiumSearch Google; ManganeseSearch Google; MethionineSearch Google; PhenylalanineSearch Google; PhosphoserineSearch Google; ProlineSearch Google; SerineSearch Google; StrontiumSearch Google; TaurineSearch Google; ThreonineSearch Google; TyrosineSearch Google; ValineSearch Google; aluminiumSearch Google; calcium carbonateSearch Google; cuprumSearch Google; ironSearch Google; siliconSearch Google; zincSearch Google;
Related ingredients from text miningNo information mined from the literature.[more] [Help]
Potential effects from text miningNo significant information mined from the literature.
Putative relations about TCM effects extracted from literatureNo information

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