Plantago minuta pall

AssociationsTCM-Gene, TCM-Disease, TCM-Gene-Disease
IngredientsAdenineSearch Google; betaineSearch Google; catalaseSearch Google; cellobiaseSearch Google; cholineSearch Google; gentiobiaseSearch Google; hordatineSearch Google; hordatine BSearch Google; hordenineSearch Google; laminarinaseSearch Google; lecithinSearch Google; lurlnarinSearch Google; oxidaseSearch Google; peroxide isomeraseSearch Google; saponarinSearch Google; vitamin BSearch Google; vitamin DSearch Google; vitamin ESearch Google; ¦Á-tocopheryl quinoneSearch Google; ¦Á-tocotrienolSearch Google;
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Potential effects from text miningNo information mined from the literature.
Putative relations about TCM effects extracted from literatureNo information

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