Hyriopsis cumingii (Lea)

AssociationsTCM-Gene, TCM-Disease, TCM-Gene-Disease
IngredientsAlanineSearch Google; ArginineSearch Google; Aspartic acidSearch Google; Calium carbonateSearch Google; CystineSearch Google; GlutaminSearch Google; GlycineSearch Google; HistidineSearch Google; IsoleucineSearch Google; LeucineSearch Google; LysineSearch Google; MagnesiumSearch Google; ManganeseSearch Google; MethoionineSearch Google; PhenylalanineSearch Google; ProlineSearch Google; SerineSearch Google; StrontiumSearch Google; ThreonineSearch Google; TyrosineSearch Google; ValineSearch Google; aluminiumSearch Google; calcium carbonateSearch Google; cuprumSearch Google; ironSearch Google; siliconSearch Google; zincSearch Google;
Related ingredients from text miningNo significant information mined from the literature.[more] [Help]
Potential effects from text miningNo significant information mined from the literature.
Putative relations between TCM effects and sources extracted from literature
bacterial DNAimmunostimulatingSearch Google Scholar16529949Search PubMed
haemocytesbactericidalSearch Google Scholar16529949Search PubMed
0.9 g/kg i.gsignificent analgesicSearch Google Scholar12567949Search PubMed

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