Hedysarum polybotrys Hand.-Mazz.

AssociationsTCM-Gene, TCM-Disease, TCM-Gene-Disease
Ingredients1,1-DimethylethylSearch Google; 1,3-Hydroxy-9-methoxypterocarpanSearch Google; 3,4,5-Methyl trime-thoxycignamateSearch Google; 4-Methoxy benzeneaceticSearch Google; 9,11-Octade-cadienoicSearch Google; Behenic acidSearch Google; Beta-SitosterolSearch Google; BetaineSearch Google; D-beta-AsparagineSearch Google; GABASearch Google; Lignoceryl ferulateSearch Google; Linolenic acidSearch Google; Palmitic acidSearch Google; Pentadeeanoic acidSearch Google; Stearic acidSearch Google; Succinic acidSearch Google; Vanillic acidSearch Google; beta-SitosterolSearch Google; gamma-Amino-butyric acidSearch Google; gamma-aminobutyric acidSearch Google;
Related ingredients from text miningNo significant information mined from the literature.[Help]
Potential effects from text miningNo significant information mined from the literature.
Putative relations about TCM effects extracted from literatureNo information

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